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When all data are protected

Magellan Eago systems cybersecurity
About client

Created in 2008, Magellan Aviation Services Inc. is a training specialist, providing the best products and services to airlines, training organizations, and plane manufacturers. Since 2008, it is a major training partner of ATR. Through a team of pilots and maintenance instructors present around the world, it provides the best training services to airlines. Since 2011 it has built fixed-base flight simulators on Airbus A320. Since 2014 it provides pilots with airline selections preparation, screening, recurrent training, and flight simulator sessions.

Situation before

The company relied on the conservative security of its systems and data. With the development of cyber piracy and a considerable amount of unique and costly know-how, the client grew more afraid of the possible theft or degradation of its data, and possibly of its entire systems, both internally and externally.


Perform a thorough security audit and issue recommendations for a safer system and work environment.
After implementation, create a strategy for maintenance and development of a set security standard.


The solution for Magellan Aviation consists of 4 parts:
1. Analysis of IT infrastructure and all its critical systems including software applications, and especially their interactions with their environment

2. Deep security audit of the system and network - from system security assessment to personnel security.

3. Penetration testing - we focused on both external and internal pen tests

4. Security report - based on extensive analysis, audit, and penetration testing results, we composed a set of recommendations to create a safe working environment.

Alexandre Loukakos

"We needed to solve our security situation so we approached eago systems and asked for their services. They performed an audit according to our requirements and expertise, including testing of the systems and networks themselves. Finally, eago issued a recommendation based on this comprehensive initial audit and helped us create a safer working environment."