SAT gained attention in the latest REGISYNC report

REGISYNC report about SAT from Eago Systems

The Small Arms Survey regularly monitors the situation in the management, regulation and modernisation of civilian arms registers in the European Union and neighbouring countries. In the latest edition of their REGISYNC report, funded by the European Commission, the authors also mention the SAT solution by Eago Systems.

Thanks to SAT, the police have a complete overview of all firearms and ammunition transports within the country. In addition to the capability of real-time tracking, the entire administrative process associated with the transport of weapons has also been digitized. A unique feature is the easy monitoring of private carriers’ transports without the need for installing new devices or applications.

At the time of this research project, the system included 150 GPS systems and 300 transport companies. The report's authors note that they have not encountered a similar solution in any other country examined.