Teleasist/Vienna Insurance Group


System managing assistance services of Vienna Insurance Group

EPAS - Assistance service for Vienna Insurance Group
About client

Teleasist is a sister company of eago systems. Provides EPAS system and related services to the Vienna Insurance Group. VIG is the largest group of insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Originally an Austrian company founded in Vienna in 1824, today it operates in 50 companies in 30 European countries with 22 million customers. Its main products are business and non-business insurance for companies and individuals.

Situation before

Assistance service is an important part of almost every insurance product. Thus the insurance company promptly solves any issues for clients in difficulty and creates an important customer experience. The speed and quality of the solution is key. To do this, the operator of the assistance call center needs a stable system that finds and plans the fastest intervention, provides all the relevant information, and finalizes each case.


Design a universal assistance services system applicable to all VIG markets.
Prepare national versions and an implementation plan according to the proposed roadmap.


Teleasist first deployed the system at VIG Ekspert in Poland. After a successful pilot project, the system was handed over as the group's first in-house assistance solution for the infrastructure of the newly formed Global Assistance Poland. This was followed by implementation in Slovakia under the heading Global Assistance Slovakia.

The process then headed to the South, where the system became operational for Global Assistance Romania. After good experience gained from the first countries, the system was also deployed in the key Austrian market for ARBŐ and also for the Baltic markets for Global Assistance Baltics.

The implementation plan continues and the Teleasist system is gradually being deployed to other VIG markets.

EPAS consists of 2 main parts:

1. EPA - Assistance Administration and Management System, Assignment, Monitoring, Documentation, Evaluation, and Invoicing in a Web Application

· Client-server application

· Country localization

· Telephony

· SMS and email communication

· Client localization

· Tracking of towing vehicles

· API for chatbot and voicebot

2. ASAP - A system to support technical assistance, enabling the search for the most suitable partner, processing the technical requirements of the contract and monitoring its progress

· Client mobile application for crews

· National localization

· NFC authorization

· Positioning

· Photo documentation


· Sites for partners incl. special website for towing services with billing interface, dashboard with reports

· Users

· Portal for monitoring intervention, communications, and documentation
Price lists, products, telephony, maps, positioning, documentation, verification

Types of assistance

· Technical

· Homemade

· Medical

· Travel

· Legal

Marcus Maurer
VIG Project Manager, Global Assistance Chairman of the Board

"Thanks to EPAS, we have obtained a stable and unified solution for our assistance services for the entire VIG group. The system is already running in nine countries of the group and we will continue to expand."